An Age-Old Platitude Dressed Up As Quotidian Anecdote

Without a doubt, my professional about-face was the culmination of a long list of life events and experiences: remarkable, unremarkable and everything in between. So even if I were inclined to try, I would fail miserably in any attempt to document all of what led me to that moment. For every PB&J sandwich that may have beaten me over the head with tangible dissatisfaction for the status quo, there have probably been a hundred other formative moments of varying degrees of importance or subtlety (by no means all of them occurring in the work context). In that sense, a proper telling of my story wouldn’t be limited to the dramatic/pivotal/sensational scenes. That would be like a Vin Diesel movie without the tender moments of Vin’s quiet introspection. You know, the ones that give his films their emotional depth…

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