The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

The curse of being self-aware and – maybe worse – fearing the prospect of not being self-aware is the fact that it often takes the joy out of being the garden variety of peeved that is (I assume) part of the regular human experience.

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The Science of Muddling Through

I’m finding that the byproduct of a personally transformative journey – characterized by constant reflection on self and surroundings – is a persistent sense that “the universe keeps trying to tell me things”. I’ve even described a few such moments in my writing, as though I’m the holder of a blind belief that the planets have aligned so as to guide me, specifically, toward some spiritual awakening.

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Views from the Sixteen

349 days to go until my deadline.

In these first 16 days, I haven’t written much about the progress of my business venture. That’s partly because I don’t think you want to hear me repeatedly extol the virtues of wearing sweatpants to work (it’s…exactly as good as you think) and partly because I’ve been pushing to get a bit of groundwork done before speaking openly about what The Big Idea looks like in real life. If I were to hit a major roadblock in these very early days that forced me to change course, better that I not have laid out a big hypothetical blueprint from which I’d then need to do a lot of backpedaling. Having said that, I’m happy to report that – so far – I’ve hit no such roadblocks.

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One Setback, Two Steps Forward

Another first today, on the road to nirvana.

Within the safe confines of my mind, my idea makes perfect sense. Not only do I see a consumer need that I think I’m qualified to meet, but I envision a philosophy, brand and identity that address a gaping hole in the financial-services landscape. I’m not the one to point out – but will repeat here – that the best known brands out there set themselves apart not by virtue of what they do, but why. (To borrow the example from the video I just linked to, many companies make computers, phones, etc. Meanwhile, Apple’s meteoric rise above all competitors can be attributed to the fact that they’ve had a very clear purpose along the way: to make products that challenge the status quo.) I mention this only to make the connection that the ‘Why?’ of my idea is extremely clear to me, so naturally I feel poised for Applesque success. (That’s how that works, right?)

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The Big Question


It’s been several days since I wrote about The Big Idea and since then I’ve promised on a couple of occasions that I would eventually tackle the reasons behind it. In that time, I suspect that any readers who care about me have been worried that I’ve come completely unhinged, and anyone who’s just here for the spectacle is hoping I have… Rather than speculating one way or another, I’m inclined to let you decide for yourself. This post is my attempt to answer The Big Question regarding The Big Idea:


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Condensing The Big Idea


If you’ve been following this website for any length of time, you will have an appreciation for the fact that my thoughts tend to form in fragmented, non-linear bursts rather than in single-track, sequential order. This generally results in ideas that originate as – to borrow from a field of study that I have no business talking about – clouds of cosmic dust, gradually condensing into more recognizable celestial objects as they float around the infinite emptiness of my cranium.

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A Heavy-Handed Analogy Concerning The Author’s Present Circumstance


Franklin: “Happy to have you aboard! I think you’re really going to love it here.”

Isaac: “Me too! I’m excited to join the team!”

The two shook hands in a symbolic consummation of their professional relationship – the gesture to make spiritually official what was already ‘official’ in a more literal sense. Franklin held the signed employment agreement in his left hand, smiling as he cordially showed Isaac to the exit with his right.

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An Open Letter to Coffee


Dear Coffee,

Um, hey. It’s me. Gosh – if you’re actually reading this, I don’t really know where to begin. Forgive me for being a little starstruck.

I don’t know if you know this, but you’re… kind of a big deal. I mean, to millions of office dwellers, you’re the only thing separating white-collar purgatory from white-collar hell. And beyond these cubicle walls, your cultural impact can’t really be overstated. Your presence is felt from the farthest reaches of gustatory enthusiasm (arguably one step shy of wine, in terms of popular mechanisms by which the snooty demonstrate their refinement) to the most accessible of pop-culture references.

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