My name is Yacine. Unless we’ve met before – and maybe even if we have – I won’t suggest that my significance to you should amount to any more than my basic identity as some guy from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I started this site as ‘White-Collar Purgatory’ – a satirical compendium of my (in those days) anonymous anecdotes from, musings about, and reflections on a 9-to-5 existence. Spoiler alert: I didn’t really enjoy working for a faceless corporation.

About a month after starting the blog, I made the decision to quit my job in pursuit of a more meaningful livelihood. More meaningful to me and, hopefully, more meaningful to the world at large. I changed the name of the site to reflect that (and ceased to hide my identity, while I was at it).

White-Collar Nirvana is a chronicle of, musings about and reflections from one former corporate peon’s pursuit of a meaningful livelihood.

Some milestones:

Thanks for reading.