Un Año

Celebration cupcake with sparkler

Today – October 10th, 2017 – marks exactly one year since my departure from the corporate world.

A lot – too much to detail – has happened since that fateful day, both in terms of progress on my new career path and, more personally, in terms of my own development. (Atop the list of things I’ve learned most about is, of course, myself.)

I figured I should commemorate the occasion with some sort of retrospective, even if a thorough retelling of events is too big a task to take on. For my own re-reading someday, I think it’s worthwhile to check in and note – today – what I feel are the biggest lessons I’ve learned since changing course. What follows is nowhere near exhaustive… It’s simply a look back, from a decidedly different vantage point than I had one year ago today.

Without further ado, a randomly selected handful of thoughts about my first year ex purgatori

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