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Hello again, friends.

My last post pointed out that you can follow the ongoing story that originated in this blog, by way of the social-media accounts associated with my fledgling company. This post is to tell you that there’s now a much better proxy for the type of content that I was previously posting in these pages…

White-Collar Nirvana is, essentially, now a podcast.

The podcast is called ‘What Up, World!‘ – a new project for which I teamed up with my brother. The format is conversational; it’s intended as a real-time account of our respective pursuits toward meaningful lives and livelihoods. From my perspective, it’s a direct sequel to this blog.

You should be able to find it (and subscribe!) wherever you normally get your podcasts: iTunes, Google Play, Podcast Addict, Overcast, Stitcher. For ease of access, I’ve embedded our SoundCloud page below, so you can listen right here if you’re so inclined. If you’re familiar with the contents of White-Collar Nirvana, episode 2 – in particular – will be quite familiar to you…


Hope you’re well and hope to hear from you on the ‘What Up, World!’ front!