Condensing The Big Idea


If you’ve been following this website for any length of time, you will have an appreciation for the fact that my thoughts tend to form in fragmented, non-linear bursts rather than in single-track, sequential order. This generally results in ideas that originate as – to borrow from a field of study that I have no business talking about – clouds of cosmic dust, gradually condensing into more recognizable celestial objects as they float around the infinite emptiness of my cranium.

(I can’t tell if likening my brain to the universe and my ideas to stars is extremely self-important or appropriately insane. Either way, it’s – Hey look! That dog has a – Hey look! ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!)

Here, then, is what I make of The Big Idea after a few more days of reflecting on it. I figure this bite-sized summary makes the notion easier for the reader (and for anyone else with whom I share it) to digest.

The Big Idea is to start a non-profit company that operates in an industry exclusively dominated by for-profit ventures.

That’s basically it.

If I succeed, it will be a great place to work and will support a cause(s) to be determined at a later date and have plenty of other attributes to be articulated in due time. But that’s essentially the idea.

I still haven’t properly explained the reasons behind it. Stay tuned…

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