The New Reality


I started work at 5:30AM today.

My eyes fluttered open and my mind started racing. Every single thought I have is now on the clock. Welcome to The New Reality.

The New Reality where my bed is my personal thinking quarters. Where my kitchen table is my boardroom. Where the toilet is…still a place I go to scroll through my phone and laugh at videos of cats fighting inanimate objects. Maybe not everything will be different in this reality.

Most things will be different though. Pretty dramatically so.

As I lay in bed processing yesterday’s events, The New Reality came flooding in. The gravity of not having an income. The terrifying and exhilarating freedom of only having a certain amount of time left before my savings run out and I’m forced by the stark actuality of a currency-based society to go back to (some version of) white-collar purgatory.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

I only lied about one thing in yesterday’s post. Well, it’s not so much that I lied – rather, I was genuinely unclear about the direction of this blog. However, that direction became clear over the course of my 5:30AM meeting with my boss this morning. (That’s me. See what I did there?)

I’m going to use this blog to chronicle what happens next. At a minimum, this will be the easiest way for me to keep people in my life apprised of my progress. There’s also the matter of the process of writing itself being really enjoyable to me… I can’t quit you.

I imagine the tone of the content here will be a lot different – what with me no longer railing against the soul-crushing weight of my confines and all. But hopefully what I have to talk about will be of even more interest to the reader, at least on the dramatic basis that the prospect of failure and a return to the life of corporate enslavement looms large. (If you thought I was frustrated with PB&J sandwiches or phone calls from God before, just imagine what would happen to my sanity if I was forced to go back there… You’re potentially in for one hell of a voyeuristic experience.)

Shit. Just realized that I actually did lie about one thing yesterday. I said I wasn’t sure what happens next. That’s not true. I know what I’m going to try to do (with abject, epic, floundering failure as a distinct possibility). I just wasn’t ready to tip my hand yet.

Stay tuned for The Big Idea.

For now, my boss is calling.

He wants to take a walk outside and, for a moment, bask in The New Reality.

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