Imagining a banal Facebook post by someone who wants you to believe they love their job.


Amazing day at the office today!

This morning, had to break into a half-jog because Greg from Accounts held the door for an awkwardly considerate distance (Thanks Greg! So thoughtful!). Then my computer took a while to start up because of a software update, which gave me a chance to enjoy Joanne’s usual pop-in (most days I’m a tiny bit distracted when she drops by). She is such a quirky lady – I hope her husband finds out what’s causing him to be so gassy these days. Love you Joanne!

Our daily team huddle was hilarious today. Kevin made a hysterical off-color remark about a marginalized segment of society that isn’t represented among our department. Oh man, you had to be there, but it was a classic – trust me.

At lunch, John the Cafeteria Line Cook remembered my name and asked if I wanted “the usual”! Awww, John! You actually care about me! Guys, it feels so great to be welcomed and appreciated in the workplace. Really makes it feel like a second home, you know?

This afternoon, Megan and Phil from Marketing dropped by and invited me to join them on their coffee run. (Uh, 2PM pick-me-up? Yes please!) On our way to the Starbucks next door, a less-fortunate gentleman asked us if we had any change and I actually did this time! (A lot of people will regularly claim to not have any spare change, but I only ever say that if it’s true. Honesty is the best policy, right guys?) Anyway, the look on his face when I gave him the quarter just filled my heart with love. Feels so great to make a difference!

Then, as if the day couldn’t get any better, my 3PM meeting with our department leader (Vice Prez) was super awesome! I got to be there while my boss presented my work on our behalf and the VP was nodding his head the entire time. Sounds like the Leadership Team might table my (well, I mean, our department’s) recommendation for discussion next quarter. So flattering to have your contributions valued like this!

And as I was leaving for the day, Steve and I absolutely nailed the secret handshake we’ve been working on for weeks. I originally thought the routine was too daring, but guess I was wrong, lol! I could tell that Cynthia and Ricky, who happened to be standing nearby, were as impressed as they were jealous. No biggie, lol.

You can only wish for every day to be as great as this one. Love my job!!!

#blessed #lovemyjob #loveyoujoanne #andyoutoogreg #makeadifference #livelaughlove


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