The Science of Muddling Through

I’m finding that the byproduct of a personally transformative journey – characterized by constant reflection on self and surroundings – is a persistent sense that “the universe keeps trying to tell me things”. I’ve even described a few such moments in my writing, as though I’m the holder of a blind belief that the planets have aligned so as to guide me, specifically, toward some spiritual awakening.

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An Age-Old Platitude Dressed Up As Quotidian Anecdote

Without a doubt, my professional about-face was the culmination of a long list of life events and experiences: remarkable, unremarkable and everything in between. So even if I were inclined to try, I would fail miserably in any attempt to document all of what led me to that moment. For every PB&J sandwich that may have beaten me over the head with tangible dissatisfaction for the status quo, there have probably been a hundred other formative moments of varying degrees of importance or subtlety (by no means all of them occurring in the work context). In that sense, a proper telling of my story wouldn’t be limited to the dramatic/pivotal/sensational scenes. That would be like a Vin Diesel movie without the tender moments of Vin’s quiet introspection. You know, the ones that give his films their emotional depth…

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Views from the Sixteen

349 days to go until my deadline.

In these first 16 days, I haven’t written much about the progress of my business venture. That’s partly because I don’t think you want to hear me repeatedly extol the virtues of wearing sweatpants to work (it’s…exactly as good as you think) and partly because I’ve been pushing to get a bit of groundwork done before speaking openly about what The Big Idea looks like in real life. If I were to hit a major roadblock in these very early days that forced me to change course, better that I not have laid out a big hypothetical blueprint from which I’d then need to do a lot of backpedaling. Having said that, I’m happy to report that – so far – I’ve hit no such roadblocks.

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Avoid Being A Dick, With This One Easy Trick!

If I was a self-respecting clickbaiter, this would be the part where I distract you with the offer to purchase a barrage of consumer goods (of varying degrees of bawdiness) or send you on a möbius-striplike path of external links in search of whatever nugget of wisdom I supposedly have to offer. But as much as I started this blog in pursuit of clicks, that objective has since changed (in case you hadn’t noticed). Lo and behold, I actually have a real, honest-to-goodness suggestion to make.

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One Setback, Two Steps Forward

Another first today, on the road to nirvana.

Within the safe confines of my mind, my idea makes perfect sense. Not only do I see a consumer need that I think I’m qualified to meet, but I envision a philosophy, brand and identity that address a gaping hole in the financial-services landscape. I’m not the one to point out – but will repeat here – that the best known brands out there set themselves apart not by virtue of what they do, but why. (To borrow the example from the video I just linked to, many companies make computers, phones, etc. Meanwhile, Apple’s meteoric rise above all competitors can be attributed to the fact that they’ve had a very clear purpose along the way: to make products that challenge the status quo.) I mention this only to make the connection that the ‘Why?’ of my idea is extremely clear to me, so naturally I feel poised for Applesque success. (That’s how that works, right?)

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Nice Try, World.

Even as someone who has been keenly aware of many ways in which the 9-to-5 office worker is a creature of habit (in case you’ve forgotten), these early days of my New Reality have brought with them a few reminders that there are whole parts of everyday life that are not part of the 9-to-5er’s routine. Some of these feel surprisingly foreign to navigate. Things like choosing when to shower and weekday/daytime grocery shopping.

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The Big Question


It’s been several days since I wrote about The Big Idea and since then I’ve promised on a couple of occasions that I would eventually tackle the reasons behind it. In that time, I suspect that any readers who care about me have been worried that I’ve come completely unhinged, and anyone who’s just here for the spectacle is hoping I have… Rather than speculating one way or another, I’m inclined to let you decide for yourself. This post is my attempt to answer The Big Question regarding The Big Idea:


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